We will provide physical, emotional, and spiritual help to victims of natural and man-made disasters, including floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, and terrorist attacks in North America and overseas.


Disaster relief units are owned and staffed by Southern Baptist churches, regional Baptist associations, and state Baptist conventions.  Volunteer teams respond to disasters within their own state and work cooperatively with other states in larger emergencies.  Teams also work overseas when Baptist Global Response requests help.

Our Focus:

Cumberland Gap Disaster Relief has mass feeding as our main focus.  Our unit is capable of producing more that 10,000 meals per day.  At full capacity we require a staff of 20 people to operate our unit.  We need cooks, wash crew, inventory crew, food preparation crew, and other support people to be able to carry out our mission.  We coordinate with the Red Cross and/or The Salvation Army to have food ready to go when they come to pick it up for delivery to shelters and/or community neighborhoods.  We may also have a feeding line set up to feed people at our location.  Often this feeding line will be manned by folks from local churches.

We also have people trained in Chainsaw, Rebuild, Flood Recovery, Child Care, Chaplaincy, other specialized training for heavy equipment operations.

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