DR Responses

Since we organized as a unit in 2002 we have been called out several times.  Many of our people have been trained in several different areas.  We have had people respond to work with chainsaw and rebuild crews as well as mass feeding.  Several of our volunteers have worked with other association units as well as the state unit.

We can activate ourselves in the case of a local disaster, the state director will call us if we are needed across the state, and the North American Mission Board can ask for assistance from the state at which time the state director will call out units to go out of state.

In 2002 we responded to:
Floods in Fayetteville, WV
Hurricane Lili in Abbeville, LA
Tornado in Mossy Grove, TN
Ice storm in Thomasville, NC
In 2003 we had people go to:
Floods in Chattanooga, TN
Tornado in Jackson, TN
Hurricane Isabel in Virginia Beach, VA
In 2004 we went to assist with:
Floods in Prestonsburg, KY
Wind damage in Carmi, IL
Hurricane Charley in Ft. Myers, FL
Hurricane Frances in Port St. Lucie and Vero Beach, FL
Hurricane Ivan in Pace, FL
In 2005 we responded to:
Hurricane Katrina in Baton Rouge, LA and feeding the evacuees in Knoxville, TN
Hurricane Rita in Sulphur and Alexandria, LA
In 2007 we were activated to assist with two tornadoes in New Tazewell, TN
In 2008 we went to Knoxville, TN to feed evacuees from Louisiana due to hurricane Gustav.
In 2009 we went to Matewan, WV to feed and assist victims of floods caused by torrential rains.
In 2010 some of our people went to Nashville, TN to work on the state feeding unit which was called out during the major flooding in the area.

In 2012 we assisted in the cleanup after tornadoes in Harrogate and northeastern Claiborne County, Tennessee.  We cleared fallen trees, blue roofed homes and repaired homes.
In October, 2013, we sent a feeding crew to Baldwin, NY, to prepare meals for the work crews who are going there to help with the recovery effort on Long Island and Staten Island in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.
In July, 2014, we sent a feeding crew to Central Islip, NY to prepare meals for Sandy recovery work crews.
In August, 2014, we were in Speedwell, TN feeding cleanup crews in the aftermath of the tornado that his in Campbell county and the Speedwell community in Claiborne county.
In October 2015, we went to Manning, SC, to feed mud out/recovery teams from Tennessee in response to the massive floods in early October.
In July and September 2016, we were called to Meadow Bridge, WV, to feed recovery teams working in Rainelle after major floods in West Virginia.
In November, December 2016, and January 2017, we responded to the Sevier County, TN fires where we fed people in the shelters, the National Guard, and other volunteers working in response to the fires.
In September 2017, we were called to send relief feeding people and incident command support to Sugar Land, TX, in response to Hurricane Harvey.
In August 2018, A rebuild crew when to Dominica to help rebuild after Hurricane Maria..
In October 2018-February 2019, we had feeding teams and chainsaw/rebuild crews in Florida, in response to Hurricane Matthew.
In October 2018, we sent a feeding team to Huffman, TX, in response to tropical storm Imelda’s dumping of up to 40″ of rain in east Texas.
In April and May 2020, we sent a feeding team and chainsaw people in response to and EF3 tornado in Chattanooga, TN.